16 October, 2009

Sorry, I Ain't Blogger~

Sorry. I'm not a blogger.

Please kindly don't search the following:
  • Peter Blog
  • Peter's Blog
  • Blog of Peter
  • Peter Law Blog
  • Peter Law's Blog
  • Blog of Peter Law
  • Huan Ping Blog
  • Huan Ping's Blog
  • Blog of Huan Ping
  • Peter Law Huan Ping Blog
  • Peter Law Huan Ping's Blog
  • Blog of Peter Law Huan Ping
  • peter.blogspot.com
  • peterlaw.blogspot.com
  • peterlawhp.blogspot.com
  • peterlawhuanping.blogspot.com
or any other related topics to find my blog. =.=

Thank You for your cooperation. Wakakakaka!!




  1. yeah!!im da first to leave comment~wakaka
    ello~lenglui here=p wa..ur blog really...not sweat loh!!haha Well,hope to see more interesting/sot sot stuffs from ur blog! erm..wad else har... oh! AWESOME BLOG!!!!!!XDDD
    From: emm..lamb chop hehe=p

  2. swt gao gao u.. come here kakaciaociao!!